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Senior Living Assistance in Tampa, FL

How do you specialize in memory care for seniors?
We are a locked facility that specializes in dementia, Alzheimer's, and other types of memory care. We understand the needs of Residents based on our comprehensive training in this area of expertise, participation in many industry studies of memory care, and always maintaining a proactive approach of emerging standards of care. We provide individual care that enhances each Resident's quality of life. We are cognizant of balancing routine schedules, while introducing activities that stimulate and enhance each person's daily well-being. Our staff is tenured and interact with each Resident, rather than simply being a “babysitter.” We love what we do, and appreciate the contribution of each Resident to our overall environment. Our emphasis on open lines of communication with loving family members ensures that expectations are met or exceeded at all times.
What are your rates for assisted living care?
Our comparable rates are based on individual needs and requirements, including level of care, prognosis, shared or individual room, and activities of daily living. We assess each Resident prior to admission to ensure they are appropriate and to confirm a rate with you. We agree to lock in that rate for a year and we never charge “incidental” charges like other facilities may do – respecting your need to accurately budget for the true costs of services. We work with financial programs such as long term care insurance, VA benefits, and public assistive programs that can facilitate optimum support in assisting your economic requirements for the long term.
What is assisted living and how does it differ from other types of care?
“Assisted Living” is just that – in a home-like environment, we assist our Residents with activities of daily living to the level they need – such as dressing, grooming, showering, toileting, transferring and ambulation. We also encourage participation in daily activities such as exercise, neighborhood walks, music, reading, group games such as Bingo or cards, and personalized “spa-time.” As opposed to “Skilled nursing” facilities, such as a nursing home, we do not provide RN or LPN services from our staff. This means we do not accept patients with feeding tubes or Residents who are not ambulatory. We do, however, work with mobile physicians and home health agencies that provide skilled levels of care as needed – including physical therapy, psychiatric services, nursing care, speech therapy, occupational therapy, X-Rays and lab work – without the need for your loved one to leave the facility.
What should I expect with the transition to the facility for my loved one?
We listen to you and what your specific desires are, to gain an appreciation for the best interests of your loved one. Prior to admission, we will jointly assess your loved one to ensure we are aware of specific needs and requirements, and to level set expectations on both sides. We require a physician statement that ensures your loved one is appropriate for assisted living versus another type of care, and to properly document current medications. From there, we will work with you to identify specific paperwork that is required to be completed, and personal items that should be brought upon admission. We make this process as easy as possible to minimize stress and confusion on your part.
What happens if my loved one needs to go to the hospital once in your facility?
We will coordinate with you and emergency transport, if needed, based on the situation. We provide a complete copy of all medications and demographic information to the hospital, so that a continuum of care is maintained. We will accept all Residents back with physician's support that we are still the appropriate facility to properly serve your loved one.
What do your rates cover?
Our rates include overall level of care services, room and board, and daily personal grooming items. We provide all grooming supplies, including shampoo, conditioner, lotions, make-up, shaving lotion and shaving equipment, perfume and cologne. We provide music, cable TV, movies, entertainment, and access to facility phone for personal calls. Rates do not include medications, doctor's visits, including podiatrist services, incontinence supplies if needed, and personal phone, if desired.